As an actor and writer, I have been lucky enough to discover what I believe to be an exciting and worthwhile means of having a positive impact on my community. I have had the privilege of working with many tremendously talented people on a variety of  kick-ass projects.


From learning alongside the brilliant, creative, aggressively diligent artists at the University of Houston, to working on interesting and worthwhile theatre and film projects here in Los Angeles, I've been proud (#blessed/#grateful) to be a part of some really unique, wonderful artistic families.

I am always looking for new artists to collaborate with to build exciting art.

I strive to always find something new in my storytelling.

I am a firm believer that acting is, at its core, a creative craft, and not simply an interpretative one.


   I believe that the actor must be fully invested in and aware of our world.

   I believe that acting is an athletic event.

   I believe in using my talents and skills to help ask important questions.


As a writer and storyteller, my goal is to fully invest in fun, new ways of exploring our world. I am interested in writing scripts that are actor-centric and audience engaging.


But most of all, I believe that if you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong.