Acting Lessons and Coaching


During the course of my Masters program, I taught acting hands-on with students of varying skills and backgrounds. I believe that hands-on, focused work with actors, both solo and in scenes, is the best way to develop the actor's awareness, focus, and technique.


Together we will discover your particular skills and propensities, what areas you would benefit from developing, and what skills you are interested in honing. I am an honest, focused teacher who cares about getting the best out of your time, money, and talent.



Developing your skills as a stage actor takes a great deal of understanding of your voice, your body, and the use of space. As your theatre acting teacher, I will help you to develop your skills as an actor and storyteller in a space for anywhere from fifty to five-thousand people.



From the classical beginner who has never spoken a line of verse, to the veteran actor who is looking to further develop their understanding of the stories of Shakespeare and his contemporaries, I believe there is always something we can teach each other about approaching the Bard's plays... some of the greatest plays ever written.


To steal a phrase from Michael Caine, "Theater acting is an operation with a scalpel, movie acting is an operation with a laser."

Teaching the basic methods of precision and skill in acting is a constant. Film acting is about learning the basics to scale.


College Audition Prep

Auditioning is tough enough for experienced, professional actors that have been doing it for years, and it can be an intimidating experience for students looking to get into a good acting school. Whether your audition for your collegiate theatre program is your first or your fiftieth, it's good to go into the breach knowing what folks are looking for behind the casting table. In addition to monologue work and one-on-one coaching, College Audition Prep includes helping actors find audition material, working on resumes, and assisting with application essays.