Crash Buist, Jack Young, Derrick Moore, and Andrew Garrett on Great Day Houston  for Houston Shakespeare Festival 2018

Acting Reviews

Charlotte Observer:
"Buist, who’s making his Charlotte debut and exit (for now) in the same play, joyfully reels off complicated speeches. Berowne has nearly a quarter of the 2,800 lines in the uncut play, twice the number of anyone else, and Buist gives maximum pleasure in the abbreviated version."


Houston Chronicle:

"Crash Buist -- his guileless, affable Valentine, a figure more acted upon than acting, soldiering on while constantly surprised at all that befalls him."


"Crash Buist cuts an amusingly droopy figure as lamentably lovelorn Silvius"



Houston Press:

"Crash Buist is excellent as the Bridegroom, imposing in his straightforward honesty and love for the Bride, and convincing in his anger as fate turns against him."


Playwriting Reviews & Interviews

Broadway World:

"Crash Buist's writing vacillates between clever absurdity and banal sophomoric humor. No matter your taste of adult comedy, his writing will find a way to make you laugh.... I must say that when the writing becomes Shakespearean in tonality and line delivery it is absolutely brilliant. The parodies of HAMLET and ROMEO AND JULIET for the romantic subplot are absolutely inspired!"


Public Radio:

"Front Row" interview with Catherine Lu: